Promo Site Development

If your aim is to promote a new product or service, to inform the audience on the opening of some local attraction, or the start of a new project, the creation of a promotional site is the best solution ever.

The mission of a promotional site is to leave a vivid impression of the advertised product or service, so these web resources often consist of a few pages filled with interactive elements, such as special offers, promotions, links to expert reviews of the media, commercial proposals and opinions of grateful customers . The basis of high-quality promotional sites is a complex that includes the unique design solutions and the use of elements of corporate identity, logo or brand character. At the same time due to the small size of the site its value is significantly lower than the price of traditional marketing solutions.

Creating and filling a promotional site

Usually promotional site contains such modules as quizzes, contests, raffles and social buttons that allow you to increase the coverage of the target audience and to inform the greatest possible number of potential customers about the unique offer. It’s also easy to conduct market research, collect comments and user reviews through the promotional site.

In order to surprise and engage users, flash-animations and the latest technologies in the development of web pages are being applied. To promote the promo-sites, we use social networks and viral advertising.

Promotional website as an effective instrument of internet marketing

The important advantages of the promotional site over other marketing tools are:

1) Bright and attractive design that is not available via offline marketing

2) Reliable data on the results of the advertising campaign

3) The effect of "word of mouth" as an advantage of viral marketing

4) Sophisticated functionality,that allows you to make the steps desired

5) The ability to allocate the product being promoted among the other goods and services on the market

The vast experience of web-studio Media5 to develop commercial Internet projects allows us to create technology-based promotional sites with high conversions. At the stage of planning and design, our specialists rely on the target audience research of the product being promoted. This allows you to achieve the best payback of the projects.

Trusting the development of a promotional site to Media5, you can be confident in the success of the advertising campaign and significant increase in brand awareness.

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