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  • Сбербанк АСТ
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  • Азбука вкуса
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  • Stern
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  • Русские Машины
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  • Johnson&Johnson
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Media5 offers a full range of web development services of any complexity and scope.

  • Navigation design

    This is the first stage in the development of a website. A well-designed navigation and structure, is the foundation of success in achieving the project goals. Transparent and logical navigation will ease the task of development during both the creation and usage of a website.

  • Social Networks

    We will help to design your corporate pages and develop the required applications in social networks to organize interaction with the website and other components of your strategy on the Internet

  • Adaptive website

    It is more difficult to create an adaptive website during the development stage, but allows the site to work properly practically on any device and reduces the costs during website's exploitation and support.

  • E-commerce

    Online store development requires a lot of responsibility, since every tiny detail can affect the conversion. Thanks to our expertise, we are able to implement effective solutions for e-commerce with high conversion rates.

  • Website usability (ux)

    You can check the usability of a future website during the stages of development, as well as on a working project. We also offer services of independent audits: using our own experts or on the basis of online focus groups.

  • Mobile website

    Development of a mobile website or application requires a separate approach to interface design. You need to properly work out the navigation and the structure of information that will be presented.

  • Integration

    We will provide a complete integration of your website with virtually any software (1C, Axapta, Lotus, SAP, etc.). During the development we always use the most relevant and modern technologies, taking their efficiency and performance into account.

  • Highload systems

    Our experience in the creation and support of websites with multi-million audiences, will allow us to find an optimal solution for best performance and reliability, all within a reasonable budget.

  • Technical support

    We offer a full range of technical, service, and content support. This includes generation of new content, new functionality, and routine maintenance of your resource.

  • Warranty period support

    We provide free warranty support on the websites we develop. The warranty is for a lifetime if the site is serviced with us.

  • Web marketing strategy

    Today there are hundreds of digital marketing tools for website promotion. We will help you choose the most effective set depending on your objectives and budget.

  • Website design

    When creating a web-site, before drawing a nice interface, we design the proper structure of given information. This allows us to work through the user story and check website usability just before the web-design stage.