Media Website Development

"Who owns the information, he owns the world" - this phrase is known by everyone. That's why today, many companies try to gain influence over information flows, pursuing the main goal - to capture the attention of a potential customer. Most often this is done by using third-party news sources, but it is both expensive and labor-intensive solution.

Creation of an informational website is a nice solution to problems faced by the company. Through providing high attendance of the news site, you will get the opportunity to promote your goods and services, self-forming necessary public opinion of the product’s target audience.

In Media5, we start the development of a high-quality informational website with an analysis of your business, it’s target audience and competitors. Only after that our team of web designers and programmers get directly involved in the project. Through this approach, every small feature of your future resource is taken into consideration to provide superior results and ease of management.

After finishing the work on the project, we provide all the necessary information on the site’s operation to the client, such as articles’ themes, the frequency of publications, ways the interaction with the audience, etc. All these parameters are determined on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of the competitors’ resources, and following the recommendations ensures the dynamic growth of the audience of the news portal.

If you want to become the owner of an exclusive informational website, which attracts a vast audience for your business needs - feel free to contact the web studio Media5.

  • Pediatric Association Educational Portal
    Pediatric Association Educational Portal
  • Gorbachev. Museum of perestroika
    Gorbachev. Museum of perestroika
  • Жовті Сторінки
    Жовті Сторінки
  • Год семьи в концерне "Росэнергоатом"
    Год семьи в концерне "Росэнергоатом"

We have developed digital products for many companies

  • Ашан
  • Спортмастер
  • Columbia
  • Legrand
  • Michelin
  • Leroy Merlin
  • Raiffeisen Банк
  • mitsubishi-electrics
  • Cat
  • Сбербанк АСТ
  • ГАЗ
  • Азбука вкуса
  • Ренова
  • Stern
  • РЖД
  • Русские Машины
  • Kettler
  • Demix
  • DeAgostini
  • Nemiroff
  • Johnson&Johnson
  • Comedy club
  • Avis