Search Engine Reputation Management

Building a trustful relationship with the target audience is a main aspect of any company’s success. In addition to promotion of products and services through advertising, you must constantly maintain contact with potential clients, promptly smoothing any conflict situations. This daily work on the corporate image can be time-consuming and costly, especially if you are a victim of black PR. After all, any information on the Internet is distributed instantly, that is why just a few negative reviews can cause irreparable damage to your company’s reputation.

Over time, the task of removing negative information about companies on the Internet has led to the emergence of SERM – Search Engine Reputation Management. It is basically a complex of measures aimed at the displacement of any negative reviews from search engines’ tops and various web resources. And that is definitely not an easy task, which requires regular monitoring of various review sites and social networks, as well as experience in search marketing and SMM. Here are the main stages of a typical project on reputation management of company on the web:

  • Communication with the client, information gathering
  • Compilation of search requests on which some negative exists
  • Acquaintance with thematic online resources, forums, sites, reviews, groups in social networks, pages that mention a brand name or company
  • Analyzation of competitive products and services, identifying the causes of negative reputation
  • Step by step work on writing and posting highly-relevant, positive and neutral reviews
  • Promotion of positive information to complete negative exclusion

Effective corporate reputation management on the Web

If you don't want to spend valuable employee time on endless correspondence with dissatisfied customers, which still need to be found on the vast expanses of the Internet, web studio Media5 is ready to offer our services on web reputation management of your company. Our work within a SERM project includes:

  • Improvement of corporate web resource’s reputation
  • Creation and promotion of positive reviews about your products and services
  • Publication of press releases and articles
  • Settlement of conflict situations on the Internet

Thus, we can track and remove negative information about your company before any potential client see it. In addition, you will always be aware of all your business’ bottlenecks, getting valuable tips on client service improvement, and always keep abreast of the competitors actions, providing yourself with a decent advantage.

Cooperation with web studio Media5 will help you get what is really priceless – loyal potential customers choosing your company among others thanks to it’s excellent reputation.

We have developed digital products for many companies

  • Ашан
  • Спортмастер
  • Columbia
  • Legrand
  • Michelin
  • Leroy Merlin
  • Raiffeisen Банк
  • mitsubishi-electrics
  • Cat
  • Сбербанк АСТ
  • ГАЗ
  • Азбука вкуса
  • Ренова
  • Stern
  • РЖД
  • Русские Машины
  • Kettler
  • Demix
  • DeAgostini
  • Nemiroff
  • Johnson&Johnson
  • Comedy club
  • Avis