Mobile Website Development

Today, the share of mobile data traffic reaches 50%, and the number is growing. That is why many companies, in order not to lose customers, consider the creation of website, adapted for mobile platforms.

Often, when a user comes to your site from a smartphone or tablet, he faces serious challenges: not clickable buttons, interface elements superimposed on each other, and the pictures so gigantic that they take 3-4 device’s screens. And sometimes a site is just loading 3 minutes due to "heavy" by the standards of mobile traffic elements. The price of such inattention to visitors is lost traffiс and orders, as well as deterioration of the website’s behavioral indicators.

Mobile version of the site as a key to higher traffic and conversions

So-called mobile-friendly sites, by contrast, are created to meet the needs of the mobile audience. Search engines also keep up with the new trends: in April 2015, Google launched a new algorithm that improves the positions of websites, providing mobile-friendly resources with an advantage in the fight for users.

What, then, are the main features of mobile sites?

1) The optimum size of interface elements provides the ease of use at low screen resolutions

2) Mobile websites load faster, allowing you to work even in a network with poor signal quality

3) Simplified code of web pages do not require high performance devices

All these advantages induce visitors choose your company to make the order or purchase.

Is the price of mobile site worth the result?

So, what does the company get, ordering the development of a mobile site? Grateful users, high conversion and a leading place in the search results. The benefit from all that in a few months will exceed the mobile version of your website development’s costs.

While creating a mobile site, web studio Media5 takes the unique characteristics of the client's business into account, providing the development of highly functional and attractive solutions. If you want to be sure your mobile site is the best, our web studio will definitely meet your expectations.

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