Concept Design Services

Any major design project must combine creative and effective marketing solutions. That's why our experts begin any design work with a concept development - part of the project activity, during which a set of artistic techniques and solutions, consistent with the aims and objectives of the project, is to be defined.

Design concept of the site

Development of any web resource begins with the preparation of the design concept, which defines the style, structure and ways of interacting with the user. In drawing up a creative design concept usually takes part an art director, designers, copywriters and others, working out all the ideas and details of the future website. Text component is supported by sketches and drafts, representing the highlights. But the main value of a website design concept is not the deepest study of every detail, but the unmeasurable benefit to the quality of the final product, many times higher than the cost of the concept development. Such a document helps designers find the perfect edge between creativity and the realization of technical aspects, allowing us to create web resources, which are able to please visitors and bring maximum profit to the client.

Development of the advertising campaign design concept.

In the beginning of the future advertising campaign planning, specialists develop a document - the design concept of advertising project. It reflects the goals and objectives as well as the ways to interact with the target audience, including the desired reaction to the advertisements. It is the concept based on which the advertising slogan, style of materials and the way they are delivered are chosen. Only thus the company can count to achieve an emotional response from potential customers.

Stages of creative concept development in web studio Media5

1) Setting goals
Clearly defined objectives help to achieve results with minimum effort. Whether you're working on the image of a company, attracting new customers or just do a brand promotion, proper formulation of the problem will provide a solid foundation for the project.

2) Description of the target audience.
For each group of potential customers it’s essential to develop individual solutions for getting an emotional response, as well as conveying the idea of ​​the project. Among the most important features of the typical customer are the following: social status, age and scope of the interests. In B2B sphere of activity you have to determine the target companies and problems that can be solved with the help of your services. The most common tools at this stage are marketing research and client’s individual experience.

3) Creating a list of necessary actions.
What do you want to get from your customers? The purchase of goods or services? Spread of information about your company among colleagues and friends? Maybe you want to establish strong associations between your product and certain sphere of life? For each case, designers choose the appropriate approach and solutions.

4) Perception of the project and integrity of the image.
At this point, you must decide how you will guide a potential customer. It is important to catch and hold the attention with the help of a creative concept, then convey the idea and motivate to action.

A well-coordinated operation at every one of these stages allows our experts to solve marketing problems of any complexity. We create only working solutions based on the individual features of your business.

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