Navigation Design Services

Navigation is one of the web design’s foundation stones. It is navigation what your site depends on in terms of conversion of visitors into customers, leading to the whole commercial success of the site.

So what can we call a good website navigation? First of all, the user should always understand where he came from, where he is and where he can go afterwards. The page, on which the user stays, must correspond to his expectations: being confused, any modern user leaves your site and never comes back. If a visitor can in a few clicks from anywhere on your website reach a helpful page and solve his problem, then it's easy to say that such a navigation is simple and transparent.

In order to create the most convenient way to navigate through the site several types of solutions can be used, depending on the design and purpose of the resource, such as drop-down lists, through menu boxes or graphic elements. The latter option is particularly suitable for the sites aimed at children audience.

But very often excessive creativity only harms usability. Here are some common mistakes that can completely ruin navigation system:

1) random appearance of new windows when the user does not expect to see them

2) the placing of hyperlinks on pictures and icons

3) ambiguous items on the menu, because of which the navigation turns into a search for the desired page

4) confusing navigation sections and crossover categories of the site

For more than 10 years, experts of web-studio Media5 have been engaging in the creation of Internet resources, so we know that there are no universal solutions. We do not just design the navigation, but create the structure of your site according to its tasks so that the user could easily and comfortably move through the pages, making the targeted action. Our team has already completed a lot of projects ranging from small sites with a few pages to large online shops, where navigation is the main issue.

Choosing the cooperation with our web-studio, you can be assured of the highest professionalism and attention to the tiniest details, providing an individual approach to each project.

  • Leroy Merlin Kazakhstan
    Leroy Merlin Kazakhstan
  • - personal area - personal area
  • Pediatric Association Educational Portal
    Pediatric Association Educational Portal
  • — online frozen food store — online frozen food store
  • Interactive kiosk (32") for Leroy Merlin
    Interactive kiosk (32") for Leroy Merlin
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    Leroy Merlin — order control panel
  • Interactive kiosk (55") for Leroy Merlin
    Interactive kiosk (55") for Leroy Merlin
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