Landing Page Development

If your company has just begun its way in the field of internet marketing, and you are looking for a relatively inexpensive and yet effective solution, the development of a small website on a turnkey basis - that’s exactly what you need.

What a site card is

Site card - this is, first of all, a small online resource of several pages, which provides information about the company, an individual entrepreneur or a unique offer. Such sites are often used by freelancers, teachers, private lawyers to advertise their services at the lowest cost. The development of a small website is especially popular in big cities, where individuals have huge possibilities with huge possibilities of earnings for their services.

Another common cause of the development of the site - the need to allocate a certain direction of the company’s activity, such as the most promising in order to attract more customers.

Cheap turnkey business card site also suits you if you:

1) Are the owner of a small online store that wants to gain customers at the lowest price

2) Are a startup seeking to find investors and partners

3) Want to create a personal page with information about the interests and professional activities

4) Are a creative person, and you want to create your web portfolio

Terms of  a small website creation in our web studio are rather small, and the average development time is only 7 days from the date of contract signing and prepayment. Prices for the development of such simple sites, are rather affordable too. However, ordering the development of a small inexpensive website in Media5, you get high-quality resource with an individual design that can effectively perform its task.

Possible card site’s applications

In fact, the creation of a small website is a great marketing solution. What are the challenges to be met by this site?

1) Presentation of goods and services, publication of contact data, search for new business partners.

2) Publishing the information about activities, history and achievements

3) Advertising and promotional companies

4) Creation of a work portfolio

A key feature of the card website is the focus on an impressive presentation of goods or services, that allow the resource to obtain high conversion of shoppers into customers through proper design solutions.

But in order to achieve success, it’s not enough to simply create a site-card. Particularly high demands for online business makes Moscow: most companies in the capital have a very high-quality sites. Our experts will help you to fill the site with optimized content and start search engine optimization, which in conjunction with the systems of contextual advertising will attract the first customers within a few days after the launch of the site.

In comparison with the alternative solutions a small website excels by it’s price and speed of development, allowing at the same time to select one of the many ways to implement the functionality planned.

Order a simple website from the professionals

The volume of work for the creation of high-quality simple website is not as small as it may seem, and requires professionalism and creativity from the web studio at all stages of the development.

Thanks to an experienced team of our specialists, we know all about creating a vibrant, alive and viable Internet projects. Therefore, if you want to get a card site, call to web design studio Media5, and the result will exceed your boldest expectations.

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