Mobile Games Development

With the growing popularity of mobile platforms, the direction of game development for IOS, Android and WindowsPhone has become one of the most promising on the market. Today mobile applications are rapidly surpassing desktop counterparts by their audience, being at the same much easier at the design stage and imposing reduced requirements for device performance.

In order to be successful, any mobile game should meet four basic requirements:

1) Bright and beautiful graphics
Graphic design is the basis of any entertaining application or game. It is graphics that draws attention of the user when he starts playing. Designers of our company know how to create a beautiful graphics that will be harmonized with the overall style and gameplay of the game, causing a "wow effect" every time you open the application. At the same time, we are able to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and system requirements in our work, so that applications can be used by as many users as possible. This is especially true in the case of game development on Android platform.

2) Addictive gameplay
Although the first impression is important, you should find a way to "tie" the user, bringing the gameplay to perfection. At this stage, we develop an interesting story and unique gameplay mechanics, able to surpass all analogues on the market.

3) Convenient interface
When developing games on mobile platforms it is very important to combine an interesting mechanics with a simple and intuitive interface so that anyone could in a matter of seconds figure out how to control the character and interact with the environment.

4) Technological excellence
Programmers of the studio need to show all their skills in mobile application development and create a product without errors and "bugs" to provide the best gaming experience without disappointment and negativity to the constantly "crashing" application.

The process of developing a mobile game on IOS and Android

Why do companies order the development of mobile games in our web studio? The answer is simple: it is one of the best mechanics of increasing the popularity of your brand. And the vast audience of users ensures the recoupment of such a project. Good games, like a virus, spread among users, bringing recognition of your company to the new level.

Achieving such a success requires a well-coordinated teamwork of professionals at every stage of development. The Media5 company has been developing mobile applications for 8 years, that is why our experts understand how to create a turnkey game for each platform that will not only become popular, but also carry out the tasks set by our client before the start of the development process.

The main stages of creating mobile games in our web studio are:

1) Preparation.
We conduct a study of the target audience, define the monetization model, develop the concept, discuss the mechanics and choose the platform (IOS, Android or WP). This is definitely the most crucial step to ensure the success of the final product.

2) Implementation.
To create a good game it requires a team of highly qualified specialists. Art director, designers and programmers show the best they can do. This allows to implement the plans, developing the game of the highest quality.

3) Launch.
The strategy of the application promotion has to be prepared before the launch. Press releases, videos and reviews - this is only a small part of the work leading to the successful release of the project.

4) Support.
Released product needs the support, while the communication with the audience improves the ratings and increases the number of installations. In our company we know that left by their own applications never reach TOPs.

If you are looking for a team of professionals having considerable experience in the development of the turnkey mobile games and applications - feel free to contact web studio Media5. Cooperating with us, you can be sure of even the most complex project’s excellent implementation right on time.

We have developed digital products for many companies

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