Adaptive Website Development

In 2013, for the first time the number of visits from mobile devices on the web has exceeded the number of visits from PCs and notebooks. The volume of mobile data traffic grows by one-third annually, leaving traditional devices behind. This gave impetus to the emergence of the adaptive design, that allows users of smartphones and tablets to easily browse their favorite websites.

Observing the new web development trend, our company has started the direction of adaptive sites’ development that uses advanced technologies to ensure maximum comfort of visiting web resources from any device. Today we can say with confidence that our specialists are able to realize even the most complex project that meets your business objectives.

How will an adaptive website help you?

Let's see the advantages of adaptive design over the traditional one:

1) One site for all
Why should you develop two sites (for computers and mobile devices), if you can create a single resource, ready to meet the needs of every visitor? Not to mention the fact that it is extremely difficult to determine the average screen resolution to be used in the development of the mobile site. The use of adaptive design of the site in this case is the perfect solution to all problems.

2) Getting the customer’s loyalty
The key to high conversion and excellent behavioral characteristics is a concern for the visitors. Creating high-quality adaptive site, which is conveniently displayed on any device, you get a unique competitive advantage.

3) Simplified promotion and support
Development of adaptive site allows you not to waste time and money on the promotion of two separate versions of the same resource. Manage your website through a single CMS, saving the time and effort.

Adaptive design - the latest technology in web development

Our specialists always use the latest web design features and technologies because it allows our clients to achieve excellent results in the fight for the visitors. And we are very pleased to spread the idea that the adaptive design is the future of the Internet.

Generally our customers are very surprised by the fact that the price of adaptive site in Media5 does not exceed the cost of implementing the project in a traditional way. We do not charge extra for the high standards by which our specialists work.

Ordering the creation of adaptive site, you become the owner of a tool capable of performing it’s tasks on any device with the Internet access. Trust our professionals and take a step into the future of adaptive web technologies.

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