Infographics Design Services

Today, when the volume of information available is truly infinite, it becomes important not what you want to say, but how you do it. The most common ways of communication are: text, sound and,of course, video.

However, in business and advertising is often necessary not only to captivate a potential customer or partner, but also to convey large amounts of information in a concise manner. In such situations the best solution is infographics - a graphic way of presenting information aimed at fast and accurate data transmission.

Thanks to apparent advantages, infographics is often used for presentations, as well as for advertising and creation of viral videos that can be distributed almost without cost by the users due to their unusual and creative style.

Infographics for presentations

The main peculiarity of any presentation is a time limitation despite the necessity to introduce a large amount of data. Plain text and pictures are not able to illustrate the information, emphasizing the important achievements and successes. So today for companies that want to look decent among competitors, infographics and presentation have almost become synonymous. Quality infographics design makes it easy to:

  • provide a number of diagrams forming a single unit
  • choose any style of data presentation
  • use a set of static and dynamic elements, illustrating the changes happened


Video infographics

In videos infographics decreases the time required for the perception of information by the viewer. At the same time, this dynamic presentation of information far exceeds graphics or text. Infographics perfectly fit into the format of viral videos, instantly dispersing on the Internet due to its creativity.

You should also remember that text explanation displayed in the video, are read and remembered much better then spoken by voice, which once again enhances the infographics’ marketing effect.

During the creation of infographics for video the following aspects are important:

  • Clarity of graphic images, good information readability
  • Accurate estimation of time it will take viewer to analyze the data, because video can't be just stopped without the violation of perception integrity
  • Consistency of infographics’ style with overall design of the content


Development and production of infographics

Media5 company's specialists are being engaged in the creation of infographics for the needs of companies from different business spheres for many years. In our work we pay special attention to individual style of graphic design, and, of course, the convenience of information introduction that is the foundation of any high-quality infographics.

The workflow we organize as follows:

  • Prepare technical specification for infographics creation, considering all the customers' requirements
  • Generate interesting ideas to realize an individual and creative project
  • Gather all the necessary information, structurize and place it on the layout
  • Approve infographics mockup
  • Draw graphic elements, make up the layout
  • Prepare a presentation of created infographics to the client

The result is a unique instrument, capable of solving business problems, whether it is advertising, presentations or attracting the target audience.

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    OMI - Online market intelligence

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