Email Marketing Services

Since the early days of the Internet invention, emails have become a convenient and quick way of transferring information. Today they constitute an effective tool of Internet marketing.

Competent email marketing has nothing to do with so well known to everybody «spam», which leads to anger and irritation exclusively. On the contrary, a properly developed strategy of mailing is able to create a steady stream of customers, who desire to order products or services of your company.

A particularly important role high quality email newsletters play in the field of online trades, where there are some fundamental principles that distinguish effective email marketing from a common spam:

  • Voluntary subscription to the email newsletter, which characterizes the loyalty of site visitor or client being confident that they will receive highly informative emails only
  • A unique approach to each client, providing a high rate of opened and read emails
  • Excellent execution of a letter. Today you can't just send random people messages without any catchy content. Such emails with 99% probability will go to "Spam" or "Trash"
  • The main purpose of email marketing is to improve the audience’s engagement and increase loyalty and awareness of the company, liaise with clients, not just to advertise goods

Email marketing for the online store.

Competent work with the database of customers’ email addresses requires a lot of time and effort, as well as a decent expertise in the field of email marketing. That is why web studio Media5 for many years has been realizing effective projects for our clients who are interested in the services of email marketing for their online stores.

How do we manage to achieve such high results? Here are just a few stages of the work:

  • Generation of a visitors’ email database
  • Research and segmentation of the target audience
  • Development of individual email marketing strategies
  • Design of the patterns and writing the letters
  • Creation of an effective sales funnel
  • Automatization of a newsletter system
  • Staff training and support

As a result your company gets a ready and efficient tool of sales and new customer attraction, working in tandem with other elements of your marketing company on the Internet. Choose a cooperation with us and discover the limitless possibilities of email marketing.

We have developed digital products for many companies

  • Ашан
  • Спортмастер
  • Columbia
  • Legrand
  • Michelin
  • Leroy Merlin
  • Raiffeisen Банк
  • mitsubishi-electrics
  • Cat
  • Сбербанк АСТ
  • ГАЗ
  • Азбука вкуса
  • Ренова
  • Stern
  • РЖД
  • Русские Машины
  • Kettler
  • Demix
  • DeAgostini
  • Nemiroff
  • Johnson&Johnson
  • Comedy club
  • Avis