Website and Goods Branding Services

It’s not a secret for anybody that the success of any product depends on a recognizable and sophisticated brand that invokes an emotional response in the hearts of potential customers.

Branding is the process of corporate identity placement on different virtual and physical objects, which helps to increase brand awareness and marketing campaigns’ effectiveness. The most important part of successful branding is a choice of medium based on rich experience of project executors.

Branding of the site pages

With the start of Internet era brand new methods of advertising have emerged: posting links, promotional articles, banners and other. An entirely new way of increasing company recognition or product promotion has become a website or several webpages branding. This method of advertising is particularly effective because not just one element, but the entire design is changed, symbolizing the trust of a respected resource to your company’s products or services.

Successful branding of the site pages isn’t possible without two key elements: interesting design of landing pages, which can increase the awareness of your company, and thoughtful selection of the resource that will accommodate the corporate identity. Such work should better be entrusted to a web studio with lots of experience to avoid costly mistakes and waste of time.

Branding of company products

One of the most important elements of any product that can attract the attention of potential customers is its packaging. The elements of branding can turn a faceless piece of cardboard into a subject, which has clear associations with the products of your company, especially if you work in the sphere of mass market, so there is a goal to attract  large audience attention.

Everyone knows that clothes make the man, so the branding is very important to create positive emotions from the product within the first interaction with the client.

Branding of Souvenirs

On the other hand, you can’t ignore traditional branded elements of business culture like pens, notepads, USB flash drives. However, even in this case you can find unusual ways of attracting attention to your company. In the last few years the branding of t-shirts and balloons at various events or promotions has become especially popular. This method of advertising is effective due to the cheerful atmosphere created by the balloons, for example. Thanks to that, you can eliminate the barrier between potential customers and your company affecting the results of a marketing campaign in a good way.

Services of branding in web studio Media5

The professionals of Media5 for many years have been providing branding services for small, medium and large businesses. Our projects include:

The study of client company’s activity

Target audience research and identification of objects that can create persistent association with the brand

3)  Determination of branded elements’ type, development of the promotional materials and instructions for their use.

4) Presentation of the project to the client, discussion and detail adjustment.

Unfortunately, people often think that branding is putting a logo on pens and notepads. It is not surprising that the result of this work leaves much to be desired.

Our team is ready to show how branding can change potential customers’ attitude of to your company. We offer only fresh solutions that help your business to expand.

We have developed digital products for many companies

  • Ашан
  • Спортмастер
  • Columbia
  • Legrand
  • Michelin
  • Leroy Merlin
  • Raiffeisen Банк
  • mitsubishi-electrics
  • Cat
  • Сбербанк АСТ
  • ГАЗ
  • Азбука вкуса
  • Ренова
  • Stern
  • РЖД
  • Русские Машины
  • Kettler
  • Demix
  • DeAgostini
  • Nemiroff
  • Johnson&Johnson
  • Comedy club
  • Avis