Usability Audit Services

The objective of any commercial online resource is to make the visitors perform certain actions: calls, orders and registrations. Not the least role in the improvement of conversions plays a simple, intuitive interface and well-thought placement of interactive elements.

Usability site analysis helps to find the resource’s weaknesses, leading to low rates of target actions committed. Thus, working hard to improve, for example, an online store, you get a sizable increase in the number of orders at minimum cost. Often usability testing helps to identify the drawbacks of website’s navigation, especially if it was developed a few years ago, so that it may become necessary to develop a new navigation system.

Step-by-step usability test

The task of usability testing conducted by Media5, is to identify the problems and "bottlenecks" of the website that don’t allow large numbers of visitors to make more targeted actions. Qualitative usability audit of a site can increase conversions, and as a result, your income, by 30-500%.

For a great usability testing it is necessary to cooperate actions of the whole team, a single usability specialist simply can’t cope with such a volume of work in a short time. As a part of usability testing in our company, we provide the following range of activities:

1) Consulting.
The project manager is negotiating with representatives of your company's about the goals and expectations. On the basis of the information received comes the timing and cost of the project.

2) Study of the target audience.
Achievement of the objectives is impossible without the formation of the target audience’ portrait for your product or services. The information received from representatives of the company and web analytics, helps to determine the most effective ways of impact on the visitors.

3) Usability audit.
Our team tests the interfaces through multiple different scenarios, leading to a target action and finds the place of the site, which may cause difficulties for the visitors.

4) The report.
The result comes in a detailed report, including expert assessment of all parameters of the site in terms of usability. Our project manager will present the report and answer all your questions.

5) The improved resource.
On the basis of this report, we will advice you a list of technical corrections on your web-site that will achieve the desired results.

Do you want to know the cost of your website or online store usability testing?

Our specialists have been developing and testing websites and online stores for over 10 years, striving for excellence in the field of web technologies. That is why we understand how big a role of usability in the success of each commercial resource is.

If you want your website to provide the best profit and growth of new and regular customers numbers, our team of experts is willing to work on your project. Just give us a call to learn about the approximate pricing for the usability testing projects. Cooperation with us will allow you to achieve the best results, thus saving time and money.

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