Apps for Social Networks

The Internet today is unimaginable without social networks. The most popular of them is Facebook with hundreds millions of users. Not surprisingly, the SMM (social media marketing) has become one of the most advanced internet marketing tools around the world.

Applications are an integral part of social networks that can serve not only as a way of entertainment for the users, but also become a powerful tool for the analysis and impact on the audience. This is possible because of collecting the data that visitors have in their profile: when somebody enters your game, you get a huge amount of information about their interests, social status, and friends.

The benefits of developing applications for social networks

Create an application in one or more social networks - this is a great opportunity to attract new customers, increase brand awareness and user confidence in your company. The specialists of our web studio are ready to develop an application that meets the challenges of your business:

1) Branded games will help to engage users, allowing a fascinating gameplay help to increase awareness of your company. An important feature of social applications is that users spread the information by themselves, advising the application to friends. Studies show that such non-intrusive advertising is the most effective one.

2) Integrated online store will allow customers to make purchases in a few clicks. Nobody likes long registrations. By allowing customers to order products in a few clicks from a social application, you provide high conversions.

3) Actions performed by the user during the interaction with application in social network, for example, a purchase of in-game object, motivates him to commit similar acts in real life.

4) Building social service allows you to get closer to potential customers. Helping users is an easy way to improve your company's image.

In addition to those types of applications, our specialists are always ready to realize bright ideas at the junction of formats. Before starting the work we carry out a mandatory study of your company’s target audience, thus ensuring the future success of the application. And our programmers develop a program component of the project in a way it can be integrated with minimal cost to any social network or service. We are also ready to support the finished product, gradually expanding its functionality.

Trusting the development of social applications to our web-studio, you get a rapid growth of loyal and active audience, an increase in the popularity of your brand and, consequently, the profit. Do not miss the opportunity to use the social mechanics for the development of your business.

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    Райффайзенбанк - Facebook

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