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The implementation of any IT project is a complex process that requires a well-coordinated work of the whole specialist team. And the most expensive mistakes possible, as you may guess, are those made in the early stages of development. If they are found only just before the launch of the project, there are only two options, both unpleasant: either to ignore the flaws, and the quality will suffer, or repair work will be lingered, resulting in the disruption of the project deadlines.

Understanding the importance of prototyping in the creation of flawless projects, web studio Media5 offers its services of prototyping, both within our own and third-party work. Depending on the needs and wishes of the client, we can develop several kinds of prototypes: from paper-based to ones made with the use of a professional graphic software, including the support for interactivity (modeling of the response to user actions).

Any prototype developed by our experts, meets the following criteria:

1) Specification, including everything down to the smallest elements of the product

2) Availability to all members of the process, such as the client, artist, designer and the team leader

3) The ability to make changes at any stage of development so as to clarify all the details

The result of our work is a high-quality prototype, which will serve to form a clear idea of ​​the product development, guarantee the absence of errors and meeting the deadlines. Working with our team will help you to increase the competitiveness of your IT projects, allowing to achieve excellent usability before the final stage of development.

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    Pediatric Association Educational Portal
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    Interactive kiosk (32") for Leroy Merlin
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    Interactive kiosk (55") for Leroy Merlin
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We have developed digital products for many companies

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