Contextual Advertising Services

Contextual advertising today is one of the most convenient ways to attract users on the site. It’s main feature is that the advertisement of your company is only seen by the target audience interested in the product.

There are two types of contextual advertising: search-based, when an advertisement is placed right on a page with search results, and ad-network based, with the advertisements placed on the pages of sites relevant to the topic.

The combination of these approaches allows to maximize the number of users who see ads and, consequently, to attract more visitors on your website.

Actual monopolists on the contextual advertising market are search giants Yandex and Google. Generally similar, they nevertheless have a number of differences and features.

Contextual advertising on Yandex

Search engine Yandex is, in addition to it’s main business, the largest supplier of internet advertising in the russian segment. Yandex operates on the principle of CPC, which means, the advertiser pays only when someone clicks on the ad. This system allows you to accurately assess the cost-to-income ratio of contextual advertising.

Regarding the placement of advertisements, there are several different options with various prices:

1) Special placement

The first three places above the search results, which usually account for most views and visitors for the site’s landing page

2) To the right of the search results

This is the place with guaranteed displays of your ad for each targeted search request, as well as a block with changing and banner ads.

3) After the search results

From this placement the amount of people coming is probability the smallest, but the ads are much cheaper, allowing to conduct budget-limited advertising campaigns for small businesses

The system of contextual advertising on Yandex you can also choose the time and days of the advertisement displays, use the extensive settings of the budget for a given period and analyze advertising results through various criteria.

The main features of contextual advertising on Google through Google AdWords

The first difference between Google search engine and the russian one is the cost per click, which, if properly set up, can be sufficiently lower than in Yandex Direct. You can also choose a gender, age and interests for displaying advertisements only to the target audience of goods or services.

Google also provides an opportunity to select the partner sites on which your ads will be shown.

To evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaign, the service Google Analytics may be used, allowing to track user behavior on the site landing page and affect it.

Along with targeted ads, you can use any banners, including animated to attract the user's attention with vivid images instead of boring advertising texts. For a number of products and services such advertising can have a much better effect.

Contextual advertising campaign on Internet by marketing professionals

With a rich experience in the field of Internet marketing, web studio Media5 provides services of contextual advertising campaign organization and management for a wide range of companies from different fields of business. Here is a list of tasks that we solve within a typical contextual advertising project:

1) A study of the target audience for your product or service

2) The creation of well-targeted advertisements

3) The process of writing and improving advertising texts

4) Attraction and retention of new clients

5) Minimizing of the advertisements’ cost per click

6) Ensuring the high conversion of visitors into customers

All that is possible thanks to the high professionalism of our specialists, using the powerful system of web analytics, and close interaction with the client. Also the regular reports on the number of ad displays and its performance indicators will allow you to be always aware of the results achieved. Cooperation with the team Media5 is the key to the success of your PPC campaign.

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