Online Shop Design Services

Today, online stores is a great way to sell products at the lowest expenses, as long as the virtual shelves do not require an expensive rent of retail space and hiring consultants, managers and cashiers.

Before a company or individual entrepreneur decides to try his hand in the field of online sales, a question arises: how to stand out among hundreds and thousands of other stores? The answer is simple: to attract the attention of visitors by a unique and stylish design.

What kind of store design can be found on the Internet?

In web design development all solutions can be divided into three main groups:

1) Template design
This type of layout is usually offered at the online site builder. Most often these solutions are suitable for beginners in online trading. For the lowest price the owner has to pay with an inability or complexity of customization for the needs of a particular online store, far from ideal usability and the necessity to face additional expenses in the case of the layout transfer to another domain.

2) Pre made design
The layouts of this type are of higher quality compared to the template ones, and need only minor improvements to create a unique solution for your online store. Buying such a design, the customer saves time and money. However, creation of a really good shop may still require considerable effort as long as pre made layouts are designed only for certain most popular areas of internet commerce.

3) Individual design
These solutions are created jointly by a team of professionals to meet the individual needs of a client, being an example of usability and beauty. The cost of an individual design is suitable for medium and large businesses with a focus on maximal profit and further growth of the company.

Thought-out online store design as a key to higher sales

The first impression on the customer is the basis of any business. Between a dirty stall and a respectable shop with attractive storefronts potential customers always choose the latter.

When the first visitors come to your online store, they immediately begin to compare the site with your competitors’. Online store designed by a professional web studio does not only create a positive impression, but also provides ease of navigation through the site and helps you to quickly select items and place an order. Within the development of an individual design our experts create a set of elements that will fit or become the basis of your company’s corporate identity.

Should you buy a custom design or choose a free solution?

Usually online website builders offer a set of free design templates. They claim that this is a great decision. The truth is that in addition to the aesthetic aspects of such universal solutions, they often don’t meet the needs of your unique target audience, look bad on mobile devices, and are not available for further improvement. Cheapest,as you know, is the dearest, so you can’t buy a great online store design at a low cost. And a result of poor design, your site will not contribute to the growth of your business.

Want to order an online store design made by professionals?

Despite the popular belief about the high prices for the professional design of online shops, our web studio offers services at reasonable prices affordable even for owners of small and medium-sized businesses. Each of our projects is an individual solution which shows excellent results in the field of online sales during several years.

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